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The Land

In the south-east part of Sevilla´s province, bordering Cordoba and Malaga, in the beautiful lands between  Sierra Sur and the first foothills of the Subbetican´s mountains spreads out one of the most important olive regions since more than two thousand years ago.

Since  XVI  century Cortijo el Marques and its surrounding land belong to our family heritage, which adds generations dedicated to the planting, caring and improvement of the olive fields. Nowadays we have the best land (because of the nutrients in the soil, the power of the sun, the benefits of the water and our own working skills) so our trees, full of life, can produce every harvest magnificent olives, collected in the exact moment of maturity with careness and selection.

The experience of our ancestors has passed throughout generations till our moment. After many years of investment and innovation we can assure that our effort has transformed the old agricultural tecniques, full of wisdom, into a modern olive explotation which target is to achieve the best quality.

More than 400 hectareas with the following varieties of olive trees: Manzanilla, Hojiblanca, Picual and Arbequina, developing in each an individual protocol.

After one whole year monitoring the crop when the autumn begins we start the harvest time, each variety is collected in its exact moment of maturity.


A huge part is taken to our dressing plant to complete the process of becoming table olives and the other is taken to the olive oil mills for getting a marvellous extra virgin olive oil.

 Aware of the importance of good agricultural practices we have all our production certified by the GLOBAL GAP, the world's most widely implemented farm certification.

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Table Olives

Inmediately after the harvesting the olives are taken to the dressing plant. It is very important this point because we can start the process quickly however the product keeps all its characteristics. This process is monitored permanetly by our professionals, measuring the temperatures, the cooking times, the adding of brine, etc.

After the cooking, the olives are taken to the fermenters where they will mature and take a beautiful colour. We have a modern dressing-plant equipped with the most up-to-date technology. It has 2.000 tons kgs of capacity and we can process 130 tons per day.

Our main objetive is to get a beautiful  and perfectly pitted table olive.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Among all the olive oils the extra virgin is the best of all, it has a superior taste, having some fruitiness and no defined sensory defects. Base of the Mediterranean diet and one of the most healthiest products.

The AOVE is experiencing a growing demand in the world. The global consumption has multiplied 1,7 in the last 25 years. Particulary strong in the USA and the UE countries.

We reserve for our olive oil those varietis with the best characteristics. We pick them in the exact moment of maturity and transport them to the mill where they will get our fresh and balanced oil, remembering the smell of the fields in the early morning. Perfect for matching with fish, salads or meat.


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